The designer,

Wouter van der Molen finds his inspiration in his direct surroundings. His workshop shelf is overflowing with rough sketches, a gemstone collection, early models, technical drawings and wishes from loved ones. Therein lies the collection he is continually creating. 

Wouter is a certified goldsmith, gemmologist and diamond grader since 1994, and a member of the gemmological association of Great Britain.


The Brand,

Wjewellery was born in 2010 by melting together traditional designs with quality craftsmanship and subtle modern twists. It is a wonderful way to express your individuality, personality and style.

Each piece is designed and handcrafted from recycled gold and silver, in the Wjewellery studio located behind the store on 71 King Street East in the town of Brockville, Ontario, Canada.



   A modern take on classic design