Our Diamonds

To find the perfect diamond for your design is a challenging task. Diamonds seem to be in abundance and prices vary significantly. For the untrained eye it is very hard to see all the specific aspects of a diamonds quality. 

At Wjewellery we have the contacts, expertise, and accreditation to help you find that one unique match that really suits your design and is within your budget. We love to inform our clients and show you how different diamonds can be, even though their certificates say they are identical...

Whether you are looking for a classic round brilliant cut diamond, or a more retro style rose cut, we gladly call in a few stones. no strings attached. Our Canadian diamonds are very popular and we provide you with all the documents proving the conflict free origin of your gemstone.

Walter ( Wjewellery) is a certified gemologist and diamond grader, and a member of the GA&GTL ( www.gem-a.com ) 

We sell our stones with the help of the microscope and we love to show you exactly what is happening inside your stone at 40 times magnification! 

All our diamonds are accompanied by a certificate, and the appraisal states the retail replacement value for your insurance. Most often a tiny serial number will be laser engraved on the side of the diamond. This number will match the certificate number.

Please send your inquiry to wjewellerycanada@gmail.com or enter it in the contact page. 

Feel free to ask us anything about diamonds and gemstones!